Simple Fall Farmhouse Decor // Navy & Naturals

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If you know anything about my home and wardrobe, it’s that it pretty much looks like an American flag. Well actually, there is an American flag hanging on our living room wall. So holidays that don’t involve red or blue mostly sound like those decorations will clash with our house. That leaves a few options…don’t decorate, let everything clash, redecorate everything for each holiday (NOPE!), or make the holidays match our style. So fall and navy?!? Yes please. 

When I say simple, I mean simple. Table + my own dishes + a few extra things. I use most of the same thing every year with a few additional finds. I really am waiting on our own pumpkins but they aren’t ready to harvest. We planted a variety! White, yellow, orange, large, small, mini! So exciting.  Everything you see was done with kids running around and if they mess things up, nothing is really lost. Is our table set like this daily? No way. This was obviously for pictures but will be like this for Thanksgiving and I may reconfigure this set up for Christmas. Halloween is coming and that’s the one holiday that I have to skip on the red, white, and blue. 

So there it is. The very simple, very easy, fall decor. Navy, white, and galvanized. What’s your favorite decor items for fall?

Tobacco Basket (similar)
Cottom Stems
Dishes (Red) & (Blue)
Fabric Pumpkins



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