The Illusion of Quiet Time

There was once a time when hours spent reading in solitude was easy to come by. That time seems like a lifetime ago. Some days I wake up early, before the boys, and have time to myself. There’s also nap time. But coffee, laundry, dishes, work, and a few other things also take up that time. So then it becomes what would I rather do with my kids awake, dishes or bible study? It used to be easier to load the dishwasher, until the little one thinks shutting the door is a game and I don’t have time to put 2 dishes in before he slams it. So dishes happen in the morning and bible study happens while my kids play. Sometimes they play at my feet; sometimes they play across the room; sometimes they don’t play and I read to them.

I never really thought about studying in front or with my children until I heard a sermon when our pastor talked about us not doing it in private because our children need to see us do it. They need to see how important it is, how we do it, and that they can too! We have to be the example and this isn’t something to keep in secret.

Is it easy? Um, no. Is it worth it? I believe so. I hope so.

Then I read a blog post from Risen Motherhood When Momma Loves The Bible, Her Children Notice. Yes. Amen!

“The truth is, when momma loves the Bible, her children notice. Their response is going to be fueled by the Holy Spirit, because there is no habit that can ignite saving faith in another person – but we can (as Matt Chandler says) plant some powerful kindling through our example.

If you’re feeling discouraged, momma – like you aren’t doing enough to form your children spiritually, start by focusing on your own relationship with God for a while. Sit down and consistently study his Word. Practice prayer and repentance when God prompts you to confess and walk according to your new life. Allow the truth that you are free from the penalty of sin to elicit worship that everyone in your life can see. When you live this way – you will overflow your love of God onto others. It will spill all over the whole house, just like their sippy cups (am I right?!).

From there – by God’s grace – your kids will follow. They will hopefully be drawn to the amazing transforming power of the gospel and the living Word that you love so much. And when that happens, don’t get frustrated when they ask to join your “quiet” time. Rejoice at the good work God is doing in them and through you.”

This post was wonderful. Along with others that were similarly encouraging. I feel like this is important for us to talk about as moms. We don’t need to hide, with our children or the world. 

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In this season of life, I have to do what works. What wasn’t working was skipping quiet time because the setting wasn’t “perfect”. Life isn’t perfect. I know this, we all do. But social media continues to share images of these perfect little squares of a bible and candles and this environment that we all know is make believe. We’ve all done it. I know there’s been junk pushed to the side to take those pictures, but they still look pretty.

This won’t always be my season. Things change, the kids will grow and attend school and the before we know it our house will be empty and quiet and I’ll have plenty of time for bible study alone. But hopefully, our kids will have a foundation of faith and have their own quiet times too.

So mama, how do you have your quiet time? Is it actually quiet? Is it loud? Do you have a special routine? Do you just put it off? Before or after kids are awake? Nap time? 



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