The Rab Farm // Favorite Tools

There’s a million things that you can find to make life easier for farming/gardening/raising chickens. But most of us don’t have millions to spend on things that really make a difference. So here’s a look into my favorite things.


Everyday I put on my apron. In the pockets of my apron are pruners, snips, medium scissors, and a small paint brush. (I use the paint brush to be the bees and try to pollinate plants). I scoop my feed and carry my egg basket. After feeding and collecting eggs, I check plants….I spend time picking vegetables and use my scissors and twine to secure them because it rains everyday. Floret Flower Cut Flower Garden Book is my go to book about growing flowers. I’ve been using it more like a study guide. The hula hoe was my valentine’s gift to my husband. But it’s been the easiest way to keep the weeds out! 

  1. The Roo Apron
  2. Pruners
  3. Snips
  4. Scissors
  5. Egg Basket
  6. Scoop
  7. Buckets!
  8. Boots
  9. Twine
  10. Cut Flower Garden Book

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