The Rab Farm // March Updates

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done some updates about the farm life. I know a lot of people wouldn’t consider what we’ve got going a farm but the definition is “an area of land and its buildings used for growing crops and rearing animals, typically under the control of one owner or manager” and that’s what we’re doing. 

The last few weeks have been a lot of work, mostly for J because he’s the builder and takes on most of the hard labor work. I take on the roll of maintenance and child watch. I do most of the morning chores, J does most of the evening chores….this works for us because he goes to work early and I cook dinner. 

So what has been changing? 

Chickens // They are moved into the big coop. There’s still a few things to do (nesting boxes, hang the feeder, get the chicken net so they can be in the run during the day). Since they are only 9 weeks old, they are in the brooder at night but I think that’s going to change this weekend. This mama has got to let them fly, right? The coop is secure, I’m just really nervous about predators. I’m sure they will be fine; J made an awesome roost for them so they have plenty of space for sleeping. Probably going to let it happen this weekend. They are eating great, seem healthy, and are for the most part very friendly. The kids love them and we spend a lot of time just watching them during the day. Now….10ish more weeks before we hopefully have egg collecting to do. With 26 hens, we have the potential for a lot of eggs. We’re hoping to be able to donate and sell some. If you’re local and interested in fresh eggs…..let us know!

Garden // Summer squash and a few cucumbers are planted. Onions and garlic are in the ground as of Wednesday. The big rows of the garden are tilled and ready for tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, carrots, lettuce mix, brussel sprouts, eggplants, jalapenos, and we still have a row for room to grow. Those plants are getting transplanted from the “salad bar” to the garden this weekend. 

Flowers // Cut flowers have always been a dream of mine. Along with lavender. So far my lavender growing has been a bust. I’ve got one plant. This weekend I’m going to attempt some seeds for more lavender. There’s 2 rows of flower mixes that were planted and there’s sprouts! You can tell where exactly things were planted because a 3 year old helped so things are spaced perfectly. Haha!!!



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