10 Scriptures for Moms + Printables

May – A month of spring and flowers and birthdays and moms. 

In my faith journey, memorizing scripture isn’t always the easiest. But sticky notes and print outs with scripture placed everywhere can help keep verses on my mind. I also love using sticky notes as bookmarks and little reminders. You might find them all over my bible, library books, bathroom mirror, and laundry room. If I forget them in a library book, I hope it brings joy to the next person to check them out. 

My prayer is that these will encourage you to see God and His grace throughout your day. Spending time in the word, even if small, can spur you along and help you see how wonderful God is and how He called and created you to be a mom. 

I created these cards for you. For you to see the glory and grace of God. Please print them and cut them out and place them where you’ll see them. When you’re struggling, pray them. Claim them.

Just click the images below to download these! I truly hope they bless you. 




Below you’ll find scripture cards or just a large one page print out of the verses listed. 



You can find these and more prints in the Resource Library. I pray these bless you! Happy May!


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