10 Ten Minute Tips for a Better Week

We’re all looking for ways to make our days and weeks better. Looking for easy tasks and tips for a better week or specific time frame. Self-evaluation happens a lot around here and that includes seeing how we can make our family life better and how to manage our time. With kids, jobs, and a life we strive to work smarter not harder. Life isn’t perfect and the rhythm we have is ever evolving.

“Guard your time fiercely. Be generous with it, but be intentional about it.” – David Duchemin

These are some simple tips for a better week. I’m sure you can find a lot more to add to this list, but figure out what works for you and go for it. Progress, not perfection. It’s tough sometimes but we all know that a little prep and planning can go a long way!

10 Ten Minute Tips for a Better Week

  1. Meal Plan // I’ve talked about meal planning before. HERE and HERE. But if you take 5-10 minutes each week to think about meals and make your grocery list, you’re setting yourself up for less stress and work. If this is something you keep struggling with, think about a meal planning service! To keep your stress levels at an all-time low, why not check out the Shoprite catalogue who offer some great specials on groceries, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money.
  2. Brain Dump // Do you ever get in bed and your brain doesn’t shut off? Well before you get in bed, write it all down and get it off your mind.
  3. Calendar // Schedule out your week. Make your time work for you.
  4. Nightly Pick Up // After your kids are in bed, walk through your house and put things where they go. Or even better, make everyone work together before bedtime and get it done quickly and use bedtime for relaxing or for putting a kid back into bed approximately 7 million times.
  5. Daily laundry // No one likes to see piles of laundry. So a quick load a day can make this much easier. I know some people who rotate through their family for which day laundry is, some do everyone’s laundry together each night or morning. Whatever works, it’s pretty quick and keeps you from stressing later.
  6. Daily dishes // Clean the sink every night. You’ll be happy when you wake to no dishes!
  7. Outsource // I’ll be the first to say that I like to be the control freak and do things my way so outsourcing is hard. But we can all find something to outsource. I know that some of these tasks are more than 10 minutes, but the outsourcing part is quick which can save you time!
    1. Groceries // I’ve been trying to shop in bulk once every other month but in the in between I stick with WalMart Grocery Pick Up. I drive up, they load my car, that’s it.
    2. Cleaning // Do you hate cleaning or don’t have time? Maybe you can figure out how to afford to have a cleaning service. Your house is one thing. But if you are not up for cleaning your office, there are people to do just that. How about looking into office cleaners to help you keep your place of work looking it’s best? You won’t regret it.
    3. Cooking & Meal Planning // There are plenty of services that will send you meals & groceries to make this easier.
    4. Car maintenance // There once was a time when J changed the oil in our vehicles in his spare time. But my car now isn’t as easy so we’ve taken it for oil changes. I used to easily do it alone but with kids, I’ve started using the 5 Minute Oil place because I don’t have to get anyone in and out of the car seats and it’s quick. If you’re an owner of a pretty fancy car (BMW) you ideally should be going to a professional to help with anything to do with your car, e.g. a BMW repair in Houston or one that is closer to your area.
    5. Yard work // Do you not have time for grass cutting? Can you find a neighborhood kid that could use some cash? Win-win!
  8. Pick clothes out ahead of time // This is a Sunday morning saver. Everyone’s clothing is picked out Saturday and it makes things much smoother. If you need to have clothing for each day of the week, plan ahead. Maybe pair your outfits and hang them together and set out your kids’ clothing also!
  9. Daily cleaning // Spend 10 minutes each day cleaning something. You’ll be surprised how easy that is and you can rotate your way through your home on a schedule so everything stays clean.
  10. Reminders & Alarms // If you looked at my phone alarms, you’d think I was crazy. There’s a 9am alarm to remind me to take out anything frozen that I’ll need for dinner. There’s an alarm for dosing out daily meds and a make-sure-kids-don’t-nap-too-long. There’s a 4:30pm alarm to remind me to get my attitude in check because my husband will be home soon and I don’t want to greet him grumpy. Whatever thing you keep forgetting, set a reminder. No matter how silly you feel.

*Please, keep in mind that none of this is a promise that you’ll have a better week. Life will happen. Things you need to get done won’t. We’re all just trying to figure out what works for us.

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