4 Reasons Your Parenting Style is Best

What’s the saying? Opinions are like what? Yeah. That’s how parenting is; everyone has an opinion and far too many people are judging. I know I’ve been judged and sometimes it’s seriously hurtful. But most of the time I have to remind myself that we’re the parents of our kids so it’s our decisions that are important. We all question each other’s judgement and I’m no saint. I can admit it….I’m the one that doesn’t like looking at cute kids in car seats not properly buckled. But I’m not really the one to call you out on it. Unless we’re close and you’re really endangering your child. The rule should be if you’re not hurting your kid, than it’s none of my business and all opinions are to be kept to myself. Having a difference in opinions doesn’t mean we can’t support and appreciate each other! Seriously! We are all different, let’s embrace that.


You were created for this role. You were made to be the parent to your children. They were made to be your babies. It’s not just random that a child is placed into your arms. Birth, foster, adoption….you were specifically created for the children gifted to you.

You know your family best! I mean who is up at 11pm with the kids? And 1am? And 3:30? And 4:27? You know which blanket is best and which song to sing first. You know little tricks and tips, the ins and outs, and seriously what works best for YOUR family. 

The sleep plan you have is YOURS! Guess what, we all sleep differently. Some of us need more sleep than others. Some of us can function on 4 hours of sleep and not wake up to be grumpy trolls. So if you decide to keep your baby in a bassinet next to your bed until they are 5, great. If you let 5 kids sleep in your bed with you, great. If you let your baby cry it out, great. Whatever you do that works for your family, that’s why your style is best. 

This is 2017. Family members love to give advice and judge. “Back when you were a kid” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Seriously, people were allowed to smoke on airplanes and in hospitals. Things change. Technology advances. Let’s use that to the best of our abilities to protect our children and raise them right. By the time our kids are in high school, hopefully it will be totally legal for a tracking device to be implanted in them. Kidding! Kind of. 

Am I telling all of this to myself? Yes. There’s a million possibilities for us to choose from everyday. Food, daycare, school, clothing, sunscreen, carseats, strollers, diapers, snacks, laundry detergent, dyes, allergens, sleep, beds, monitors, mattresses, vaccinations, medications, screen time. There are too many things to actually think about that none of us have time to concern ourselves with being judged. None of us should have to be concerned. If you care about making decisions for your kids then you are already doing a great job being a parent. You fed them breakfast? Great job. Was it whole grains or was it something smothered in yellow 6 and sugar? Not my business. I’m not judging and you shouldn’t judge me….as my kids are eating Apple Jacks as a snack. Balance, right?!? 

The point is, it’s OK to have opinions, that’s totally normal; we are all unique and we’re just trying to do what’s best. Let’s encourage and support each other because parenting is hard! 

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