August 2018 Goals

There’s probably not many people that enjoy goal posts. But it’s an easy way for me to stay accountable. And I actually love seeing others’ goals and progress. The last few months have been filled with busyness and work and stuff.

Date Night // After celebrating our anniversary, I know we need some more date nights. 

Kids Night In // So excited for this month’s Kids Night In Box. Can’t wait to share.

Finish next theology class // I’ve got a few done but I need to finish another one that I started. It’s got me digging deep so I’m excited.

Plan fall garden // The summer garden is starting to come to completion. But the fall garden will be fun too!

One-on-One time with Kids // I noticed yesterday that our kids need it. They need some one-on-one time. It becomes obvious and the craziness and busyness that has been the last month has left us with family time but not the one-on-one. 

Serve other mamas // It’s my goal to serve another mama in my life once a month. That means dinner or breakfast or whatever.

Read // I’ve got a stack of books waiting on me for this month!

Work on Mama & Littles Bible Studies // So excited about sharing more of this with y’all. I’ve got tons of ideas but trying to keep things in order.

Homemaking // Gotta keep the routine going. I’ve kept up with the laundry this summer and now I need to keep it up. Definitely need to get back into the meal planning and dishes routine.

Working out // I’ve been getting up early for a while but not always working out. I’m trying to keep it up!

There’s more but nothing major. Hopefully we have a fun month because this year is just going by too fast, my kids are growing, and I just want to slow down time. 



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  • I actually really enjoy goals posts and need to get better about doing them for myself, too! I love the Mama & Little Bible Study and I cannot wait to see what you do with it!