Tourist at Home // Baton Rouge Summer Family Fun Ideas

So much of Louisiana is known for food or parties, which doesn’t make it something you think of for families. But it’s not all about parties and Baton Rouge isn’t just for college football. It’s a goal to at least have one family fun activity a month. I’m working on keeping a running list of ideas and I thought I’d share them after hearing a friend say that people probably vacation to your town, so do some of those things. If you’re not local, I’m sure that so many of these ideas will help to find similar things for you to be a tourist at home too! Or come visit Baton Rouge! 

  • Baton Rouge Zoo // Let’s be honest, the BR Zoo isn’t the best in the world. But it’s easy to walk, pretty shady, and animals are easy to see. Having a membership makes it easier as when a kid has a meltdown you can leave without feeling like a total waste, plus go a few times as a family and the cost is worth it. Especially if you include holiday events.
  • Knock Knock Museum // It’s indoors, air conditioned, cleaned, and safe. The parking lot isn’t big enough and during school hours the field trips are overwhelming, but a membership gets you member-only hours. The kids love it and it’s a great summer activity. 
  • LA Science Museum // Different activities and a calendar full of things to check out. Sundays have discounts or are free. 
  • Old State Capitol // What kid doesn’t want to go see a castle?
  • USS Kidd // Also who doesn’t want to check out a ship? Consider that strollers aren’t for this and stairs will be climbed. Unless you choose to stay on the deck. 
  • Mike the Tiger // Easy and free!
  • Liberty Lagoon // Newer BREC water park with something for all ages.
  • Blue Bayou // Depending on your kids’ ages and adventuring, this might be super fun!
  • LSU Rural Life & Burden Gardens // So many events happen here so check the calendar!
  • Botanical Gardens // A little hidden gem behind the library!
  • LA State Museum // A little state history!
  • Old Arsenal Museum // Walk around the lake, make it an adventure, tour the arsenal. Take some pictures in front of that brick!
  • LSU Hilltop Arboretum // Great little spot for a nature adventure.
  • Highland Road Park Observatory // This is on the one day list but their activities look so fun!
  • BREC Park Golf // We had a blast last week as a family golfing. It was hot but it was quiet and family friendly. We got home and everyone napped! That’s a win for us!
  • Bowling // There’s a few options for bowling in Baton Rouge. Pick one that works for you. It’s a major plus because it’s pretty cheap and indoors!
  • Miniature Golf // Depending on the age of your kids, this could go a few ways. Hopefully no one gets hit with a club, but I can’t wait to bring the boys!
  • Parks // The more and more I look, the more parks I realize are amazing. We’re going to check out a few new ones this summer. Different splash pads and playgrounds keeping everyone happy!

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