Boys’ Summer Wardrobe

Why does it seem like creating a wardrobe is so hard? A summer wardrobe for our kids??? Is that a crazy idea? We live in a society that tells us we need all.the.things. But I can’t. I’ve been frustrated with clothing and laundry enough. So finally I sat down and simplified the kids’ clothing options. L has more options because of hand-me-downs. But N is a fresh new canvas every season and size. Well, seasons, I say that loosely because in Louisiana we don’t truly have seasons, just sporadic times when you realize your kid doesn’t have appropriate clothing. 

Boys' Summer Wardrobe

I spent some time last week cleaning and culling. If something didn’t fit, it got moved to little brother’s room. If it was stained or busted beyond repair, it went into the trash. Or if it was something that my kids would never wear but still in good condition, the Salvation Army got it. 

What’s left? Ease and simplicity. His dresser is in the closet and has 6 drawers, hanging clothes are above it, and his shoes are on the top of his dresser. The top of his closet has a box of things that are still his size but more for winter. I’m not sure if he will fit into those by the time winter comes around, so they will sit there until we see. As he outgrows things, I’ll also add them to that box. 


  • Undies & Socks // 6 pairs of socks. 14 pairs of undies
  • Swimsuits // 4 swim trucks. 3 rash guards
  • Nicer t-shirts // 15 tshirts
  • Shorts // 6 pairs of different style shorts
  • Summer pajamas & at-home tshirts (you know the ones that they can play in the mud, paint, or sleep) // probably 10 of each
  • Winter pajamas (long pants/sleeves) // 8 sets


  • Jeans // 2 pairs
  • Pants // 2 pairs
  • Button Up // 4 short sleeve. 2 long sleeve.
  • Polo // 4 shirts
  • Jackets // 1 rain. 1 fleece.


  • Sunglasses // 1 sport pair. 1 regular.
  • Hats // 1 cap
  • Shoes // Flip flops. Canvas slip ons. Water shoes. Sandals. Boots. 
  • Bag // Duffel bag. Back pack for daily travel.

Some people might think this is still a lot. But it all fits in his space and it’s a manageable amount of stuff for us to care for. His drawers are labeled and though he can’t read, I drew little pictures on them plus he just figures it out. The labeling also gives me some ease as I let go of control and let other’s help out.  

The kids’ clothes are pretty much from Target, Old Navy, and WalMart. Below I made a little shopping gallery if you’re looking for ideas for your kid’s summer wardrobe.



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