Goals // February 2018

While looking over my calendar for February, I got a little anxious. The things to do each week were starting to add up. And not all of them have actually started so things are a little more up in the air and that doesn’t help. I’m a planner. I like to know the 411 on things before I seriously commit. So I sat down with my Powersheets and stickers and pens and looked through my goals for the year. What do I need to do this month to accomplish those goals? I’m totally aware that some of you don’t care about goals, but I share them for myself, to be held accountable, and maybe for the 3 people that want to read other’s goals.

Here they are…

Monthly Goals // 

  • Serve a friend dinner // My goal is to cook dinner for a mom each month. And this month there are some new mama meal trains happening so I’ll be contributing!
  • Photoshoots // I’ve got a few scheduled and I want to serve clients well.
  • Blog // It’s easy to say numbers don’t matter, but brands/companies/clients ask those things so each month I raise my goal for blog views.
  • Clearing the clutter // I started working on the living room built ins and I’m not done. I have to finish and then move into my office.
  • Meal plan // Simple meals and being prepared is the goal
  • Start Seeds // Next weekend it’s on! Seeds for spring/summer garden are getting into some dirt.
  • Workout // I finished one program in January (and lost 4 lbs!) and I’m moving onto another this month
  • Bible Study // Finish Romans and then figure out what I’m going to do to be intentional for Lent
  • Therapy // The littlest starts therapy soon so that will be a time consuming thing this month
  • Date night // Not sure of details but hopefully this happens. 

Weekly // 

  • Blog at least 3x
  • Clean house
  • Family Fun
  • Something thoughtful for J
  • Encourage a friend 

Daily //

  • Workout
  • Quiet time
  • Intentional Mom
  • Go outside/Garden 
  • Work

What are you hoping to get accomplished this month? There’s a lot going on in February. What are your plans for Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day?!?! 


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