Grow In Awe // Introduction

If you’ve been around me this year, you might have noticed a fascination with the word awe. 

Awe // a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder

I’ve been in awe of creation since I was a kid. Exploring nature and science then animal medicine then motherhood. So here I am working on all the things God places on my heart and I want to inspire others (especially mamas) to grow in awe.

Grow in Awe

  • Increasing in awe of creation and the Creator // I pray that your ability to see things in wonder expands and you are more intentional about see God’s hand in every moment of your life.
  • Growing plants in awe of creation and the Creator // I pray that you find joy in the slowing down and watching creation sprout from the dirt and shine to bring glory to the one who created it all!

This series of resources will include the following topics…

  • Herbs
  • Indoor Plants
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
    • From Seeds
    • From Bulbs
  • Preserving & Saving

I promise to include simple ideas and because I’m “frugal” I promise not to even encourage you to spend or waste money. Yes, there’s things to invest in that can benefit you (soil testing, amending soil, resources) but this isn’t about award winning gardens. It’s about the process; the slowing down and being in awe.

I’m also here to say that we will all fail. Plants are going to die. We will make mistakes. But with some knowledge and determination, we will all have some gorgeous and/or tasty plants real soon! 

I hope that you decide to join in and follow along and GROW SOMETHING IN AWE OF AN AWESOME CREATOR!

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