Hard Choices of Parenthood

The second you get the positive on the test, your world changes. First you weigh choices of doctors and labor/delivery locations. Then it’s names and nourishment. A million other choices are made and somehow you make it to one of the most difficult decisions. School.

Not everyone faces this choice at the time. Each child and family comes to this crossroad when they need to. And everyone has a difference in opinions. Which is great, how boring would life be if we all had the same opinions and views. 

How To Make a Decision on School

Know Your Family’s Needs // Cost. Time. Commitment. Know what you can contribute and what you need for timing, education, and extra curricular. 

Know Your Child’s Needs // Probably the most important fact to consider. It is important to know what your child needs. Something more relaxed? A specific learning atmosphere? Does a smaller ratio of teacher to students matter? Part time? 

Research Your Options // Take a tour. Learn the facts. Find out the good and the bad. Ask around. Read reviews. Sit down and do the work. Research and learn.

Make a List // I love a good pros and cons list. Or a checklist to see which school makes the best sense for your child.

Pray About It // I know this isn’t always something with think about, but this is an easy way to help make decisions. Pray for guidance and wisdom.

Have Confidence // My kids are just 4 & 2 and I hear others’ opinions about our choices daily. At one time I let it bother me. But no longer. God decided that we would be the best parents for our children. He had confidence that we could make the decisions necessary for them. This confidence includes our ability to decide their schooling. 

Most Important Fact

The decision isn’t forever. 

This is the most helpful reminder when we’re considering school options for our kids. If something doesn’t work out, we can try something else. This year one son is doing a Mother’s Day Out program. Just a few days a week for a few hours. Public school is in their future, but homeschooling isn’t out of the picture either. 

I’m passionate about them learning in a way that inspires them to keep learning. I never want them to feel like they aren’t capable of trying to learn. Even if they struggle because some things are just hard to learn, I want to set them up for success. If that means one learns different from the other, we will do different things. 

I’m also passionate about families doing what works for them. Just because something works for us, it might not work for you. Same goes for you and me!  



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