January Fav Finds

Getting back on sharing about the things that I’ve found and loved. Books, gadgets, toys, things that make our life easier. But I promise I’m not sharing crazy things that are just outrageous and expensive. This mama likes a budget.


Bluetooth Headphones // As much as the idea of the AirPods seems cool, I already know that I would misplace one or both and it’s not really worth it for me. But this little headset is great. I can clip it to my shirt, they snap together around my neck, and they work great.

Waterbeads // These are gratifying and a pain at the same time. Mostly because of which child you trust to play with them. But my 4 year old could play with these for hours. The 2.5 year old is coming around. This is a great sensory activity and a little bit goes a LONG way! There are different size beads so if you get the smaller ones they can be frustrating. These get bigger and are great for small kids.

Beautycounter Counter Control Set // It’s been a little over a month but my skin is much better. Even with hormonal breakouts, this has minimized it a lot! I was concerned at first because the amount of steps but it’s less than 5 minutes to complete it. It also is more expensive than other products, but a little goes a long way and it lasts for a long time.

Product Image

Val Marie Paper Yearly Prayer Journal // This isn’t a new find. But word is that there’s <100 journals left. I’ve been really intentional about using mine lately and I’m loving it more and more. This prayer journal has truly changed the way I pray. Along with having a notes section and a section for gratitude. I cannot recommend this journal enough. If you think the cost is a lot, break it down….for 12 months, it’s less than $5 for a 3 section prayer/gratitude journal. To me, that seems like a great investment in your life.

2019 Yearly Prayer Journal

Just a few of my favorite things lately. I can’t wait to keep sharing things with you. I hope you find them useful and helpful.

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