Kids Night In Box // Camping at Home

Last month’s Kid Night In box was a so much fun for our kids. When it turned out to be camping, everyone was excited because we’ve been talking about camping and J just got a new tent. The kids were so pumped. And if I’m honest, so was I. 

Kids Night In boxes are part of a monthly subscription service from Night In Boxes. Each month you are sent a themed box in the category that you are signed up for (Kids Night In, Date Night In, or those with faith options). The boxes include just about everything you need for your night in, except for [most] food items.
What’s Inside? // June Edition

  • Itinerary 
  • Book // Tiny Goes Camping
  • Ingredients for 2 s’mores: marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate
  • Foil for a solar oven
  • Tape
  • Paper plate
  • Materials for 2 harmonicas: straw, rubber bands, tongue depressors
  • Materials for camp binoculars
  • Stickers
  • Instructions for your night in, games, and how-to instructions for the solar oven, harmonica, and binoculars.

Camp Themed Menu

  • Pigs in a Blanket
  • Homemade Lemonade
  • S’mores Enhancement *the menu gives a list of all ingredients needed and preparation directions.

This was really fun and really easy. Everything came in the box. We made smores, harmonicas from popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and straws, and binoculars. We read the book inside our tent. J and N pulled the mattresses from the bunk beds and they had a camp out. 


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