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In my trials to rid life of some anxiety and Leave Room for Life, I’m sharing some of my steps along the way. I accomplished the boys’ rooms a while back but I’m just sharing about it.

The space that’s most clean in our home is the boys’ rooms. I know that sounds odd to most people. How?!? Why?!? Because we’re I’m crazy. The kids each have their own room. Hopefully one day they share, but for now they don’t have to. Each room has a bed, dresser, and a cube storage. Toys are minimal and organized by type in the cube storage or under bed storage. Little People stuff is bigger and is really just thrown into the closet but the doors close and the clutter is contained.

Before every nap and bedtime, the boys clean up. Yes, together they do it. We try to stress taking one set of toys out at a time instead of everything at once. They can learn to put away things when they’re done with them.

I am so aware that this doesn’t work for most people. But it works for us. It works for me and for them. They rarely complain about it and it’s just the life they know. These rules/routines also make clean up less than 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Leaving plenty of room to do other things. Seriously the toy rotation and simplifying has changed our lives. It’s made anxiety about bedtime and clutter much capable to deal with.

Clothing // I’m guessing this would be a different scenario if we had daughters. Way different. But boys’ clothing is pretty easy. Shirts, shorts, pants. Dress them up or down is pretty basic. Pajamas. They almost are always in pajamas or just t-shirts and undies/diapers. I went through their clothes and I thought I was going to need some thought out process but it didn’t work out that way. I just needed to keep it simple. Which was organizing drawers and removing items that were too small.

Toys // Together we went through the toys to make sure things were correctly put away, organized, and not broken. If it was broken beyond repair, it went into the trash. If it was no longer needed, it was donated. Surprisingly minimal whining was had and mama only gave up the fight about two toys. It wasn’t worth it.

Books // We just have a ton of books. And we pretty much read them all at some point. So we organized them on the shelves and even brought a few to the Little Free Library down the street.

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