Leave Room for Life // Lessons

Did you read about the Leave Room for Life series? I’ve been slowly going through our home making it a space for us to enjoy and relax. I don’t want to spend my days running around picking things up. That’s how my anxiety flairs up. No thank you!

But I wanted to share some things that I’ve learned so far. It’s really no major lessons but just the ease of which life has been is rewarding. 

I cleaned my office/guest room (more on that project coming soon).  There’s been no junk piled on the bed or floor or desk, etc. This week when my dad was taken to the emergency room, my parents decided to just crash at our house. It was 5am. I walked into the room, moved a dump truck and folded the bed back so they could easily crawl in and get some rest. 

That would never have happened before! It would have been stressful. I was so excited that I was prepared and could open our home without stress.

The routines that we’ve set up make it easier for us to work as a team. Yes some of them seem crazy to some people, but whatever, they work for us! Yes the 1 & 3 year old pick up there messes. Sometimes with help but they do it generally while I cook! It’s been so much easier.

The anxiety level has been way better! I won’t lie, I’ve had too many panic attacks in the last week. But I’m going to say that family health emergencies and the lack of control on that and some other stuff plus not enough sleep was really the cause for all that. Today….much better! Just knowing that I can easily get back into routines to catch up on things makes life seem easier. All those boundaries and routines allow me to fall behind sometimes without everything falling apart. And if not, there’s still grace. 

There’s been more adventures. More family time. More hanging out. It’s truly been wonderful for everyone! Doing life and living to the fullest with this little crew is seriously the biggest blessing. They all drive me crazy but it’s totally worth it!

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