Mama Makes Disciples

For a while now I’ve wanted to dive deeper into studying with you. But there comes a point in the balance of free content vs paid content that most writers have to try to figure out. I’ve struggled.

The free content isn’t going anywhere. I’m actually writing more than ever and loving every minute of it. But I want to add some value for you and for me.

Enter Mama Makes Disciples.

Jesus commands us to make disciples. And it’s not something easy, but it’s easiest to do with those who are in your life. As mamas, these little ones that God has entrusted us with…these are the ones we should focus on making disciples.

The plan is to give you daily study pieces. There’s already content waiting but 5 days a week there will be more added. We will walk through character studies, books of the Bible, topics, and more.

Because this content is a little higher value, there’s a cost. You can go to the SHOP and purchase access. Currently the cost is $5 (and it might even be on sale)!!!

I’m excited for this journey together. So thankful for you and your love for making disciples.

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