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There’s still so many finishing touches needed for around our home. One of my main priorities is our master bedroom. I love seeing bedrooms that are beautifully designed with clean and calm atmospheres. Who doesn’t want to crawl into a comfy bed in an entirely comfy room?!? 

So what’s the plan? Clean. Nautical. Farmhouse. Does that even go together? Well I’m going to make it!

I’ve pretty much got a blank canvas.

2 dressers + 1 bed + 1 night stand + 1 sitting chair.


I found this image online and it’s from Target….that is what I’m going for. The walls are already painted a light blue Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore. (Side note: the gray in our house is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore. Why the Nimbus gray is blue….no clue!)


Our guest bed has a striped duvet from Ikea that looks very similar to the one in the picture. So I’m just going to switch our comforter to the guest bed and snatch the duvet for the bottom of our bed. For bedding the only thing I need to purchase is the quilt and I think I’m going to get THIS ONE from Target.

The bed is custom made and was a wedding gift from my parents. It has two drawers on each side so I want a nightstand/table that I can use while still having access to my drawer filled with pajamas and sweatpants. After some searching, I found a simple little shelf/table that J said he can build and we can attach to the wall, leaving the room for the drawers to open!


Duvet Throw Throw PillowQuilt

Rugs. Something over the bed. Recovering the chair. That’s all that’s undecided. Hopefully it’s all an easy project and comes together smoothly so we can get better rest. Then eventually we will get a new mattress! Ours is 10 years old and between deployments and shiftwork a lot of sleeping was in the middle of the bed so now we have a spot that we roll toward the center. 

So there it is….my plan so far. Let’s get to work! I’m super excited to make this happen. It might take forever but it’s going to happen!

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