Meet Lacey


Hey! I’m Lacey. Friends call me Lace. Rab-A-Lay is how you pronounce our last name. I get it though, it’s one of those Louisiana names and no one knows how to approach them.

First, I’m a believer. Yep, I say that first because God comes first. I’m also a wife to my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together forever it seems. I’m a mom to two fun boys and they challenge me to new adventures every day. I’m a theologian (and so are you!). Plant lady, gardener, chicken lover, and a million more things make up the complexity that is Lacey.


“If you have Jesus, a garden, and a book, consider yourself rich.”

The last few years have given me the opportunity to grow and find a little more of myself each day. You know, that 80-year-old that’s trapped inside a 30-year-old.  Along with discovering my love for gardening, I’ve also discovered my love of theology. My goal here is to encourage, inspire, and equip you to know God through His word and His creation. 

So what does that entail? Here you’ll find me sharing what I’ve been learning. Whether that’s gardening, baking, or studying in the word. I hope that I can share Truth that leaves you more in awe of God.

Lacey is an writer, Bible student, and Bible teacher. She enjoys leading bible studies in her home and church. She and her family call The Chapel BR home. She works to inspire, encourage, and equip women to know God through His word and His creation.

For Lacey’s statement of faith, please click here.