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So if you saw my goal post last week you’ll know that I’m attempting to keep things simple. For the sanity of everyone. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have PLENTY of things to do! Everyday we’re going to do something simple, but we already do that. This month it will just be themed for Christmas! When planning, I packed up my pens and planner and went to a friend’s house. Our kids played and we had coffee and bounced ideas off of each other. And we kept each other in check about taking on too much. 

To celebrate advent we’re using SheReadsTruth Kids Advent Cards and we have a Christmas book countdown. I wrapped 24 books and each night before bed the kids take turns picking a book. Then we will just read those books throughout the month. Those books will get packed away with the Christmas decorations and we can use them again each year. So far so good. It’s actually a really good behavior tool because when kids don’t obey, their turn gets skipped. Don’t pass go, don’t collect any money, just your brother gets your turn. The advent cards get read at meals. We start at breakfast, repeat at lunch, and then again with the whole family at dinner. They are great and really thought provoking. 

This isn’t our exact calendar. I mixed things up for the sake of not showing the world exactly what/where we will be every day. But these are the things we will be doing. Let’s be real…most of these are activities found on Pinterest and some I don’t even know exactly how we will do it. But we’re going to attempt things. If we fail, oh well. Not stress!

Want a blank calendar for yourself? Just print and fill it in! 

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