Simply Earth Essential Oils // An Alternative to Other More Expensive Brands

Simply Earth….I hadn’t heard of them until they reached out. I was pumped! They have a subscription box system. They send you all the things you’ll need to create some fun things. More about that below. 🙂 
You can research them and read all about their mission and purpose on their website HERE. I love that 13% off profits go to working against human trafficking. How awesome is that?!?


I’ve compared a few other brands of oils and I’m not going to argue and get into competitions about which one is better. I love using oils and really seeing their benefits. I’m not totally crunchy; I still believe in modern medicine, our kids are fully vaccinated, and I’m on the 80/20 balance for life! 

My favorite oils:

Lavender….Duh! Smells wonderful, promotes sleep, is just sweet and relaxing!

Lemon….Duh again! CLEAN!

The subscription box is super awesome! 

The recipe was easy. Add water and some essential oil drops…..air freshener spray. That is safe for my toddler to spray when he uses the bathroom! Yay! Super easy! 

Thanks to Simply Earth for sharing this box with me. All opinions are 100% mine!

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