Summer Reads

It’s no secret that I’m a book nerd. I’m so thankful for audiobooks from the library (I use the Libby app) in this season of life. I can easily listen to a book with an earphone in one ear while making sure my littles aren’t fighting while playing trucks or outside. Don’t get me wrong, I still read paperbacks. I actually don’t like reading books on a device, the screen isn’t the same. 


Summer Reads Book Reviews


Dance Stand Run // One of my favorite books, I listened to it after reading because I loved it so much. Listening to Jess read the book made me like it even more. Want to feel inspired and encouraged in a Godly way….get this book in your hands!

The Sacred Enneagram // There’s nothing sacred about the enneagram. Just my opinion but researching the origins of the enneagram have led me to run from it.

Without Rival // Really inspiring for women. Loved this book. I was encouraged and fired up. I listened to it and Lisa was super motivational while reading. 

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You // Sure let’s listen to a book, on my phone, about how I need to stop using my phone so much. It’s an interesting read!

Hello Mornings // Simple and easy read. 

Adamant // I was a little nervous about reading this book. I loved Without Rival so I went with it, even with some mixed reviews. Great topic and advice about navigating this crazy world. 

Everybody, Always // Two words….Bob Goff! Just read it.

If You Only Knew // Loved. Loved. Loved. Jamie is my new best friend, even if she’s not aware yet. Her story is beautiful and she’s so relatable for women everywhere. Not everyone has gone through the exact things she has, but you can still see the mountains and valleys in anyone’s life. She’s sharing so much and in the end she points to how God gets the glory.

Present Over Perfect // There’s a reason so many people love this book. It’s also a great summer read. A nice reminder to be present. Especially as we end the summer and your family is probably embarking on a new season. Check it out. 

Own Your Life // Not my favorite Sally Clarkson book. I enjoy her, she’s not always relatable as an author because she is on the other end of mothering. But it’s still a good book. I got it from the library so I didn’t feel like I wasted anything.

In His Image // Again, another amazing Jen Wilkin book. She’s got a way with teaching and pointing out things your heart and mind needed to learn. I’m a giant Jen fan and this book is not in any way a disappointment. 

Tailor Made // Still finishing up this one but so far I like it. It’s inspiring and easy to read. I feel like the author would be a great person to have speak life into your life. Her words are tender and moving. I think anyone would like it!

Inspired // I’ve got mixed feelings. I read reviews before and they are really mixed. So now as I’m reading, I’m sort of looking for some of the claims people made about the book. Probably not the best way to read a book so I might have to read it twice. 


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