Time for Quiet // Time for Growth

It’s been a little quiet around here. Well in the online setting it has. My brain isn’t quiet. Our home isn’t quiet. Life isn’t quiet. But there is still the need to step back and try to silence the noise. The noise of life and others and social media and news and all the noise. Why is life so loud? I get that I have a husband and 2 sons so they aren’t really quiet, but lately everything just seems so noisy.

That’s probably the introvert in me showing. Yes, introvert. I can be social, but I refuel quietly. 

Thankful for some silence around here and more quiet time in real life. Because my life is about His glory not mine. HIS GLORY NOT MINE.

Thankful that Jesus changes us. I’m not the same I was before. Not the same as I was a year ago. I’m not the same as I was a month ago. Every day we learn, we grow. And growth brings transformation. Growth brings deeper roots. It brings new blooms. Growth bring new harvests. Growth sometimes also means a branch get to heavy and breaks and you have to focus, regroup, and grow some more. 

God created us for His glory.

I want to focus more on that. To focus on how to bring Him glory. How to serve His kingdom more. A little silence is really golden! I don’t know how you’re filtering out the noise of the world, but I think we should all take some time to listen to the quiet. To hear what else God has for us!

Now that I’m a little refreshed, I can’t wait to share more and have a good summer. A summer with less work and more rest. One with fun and silliness and adventures. 




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