What to Expect Here Next

There’s been a lot of planning to make 2020 more consistent and fun. Let’s be real, I like lists and calendars and some control of knowing what’s happening next. But not all planning is about control.

What’s Coming Up

  • Consistency // It was not a year of consistency. It’s been a time of figuring out what works for our schedule and family. But now we’re a little more settled in the rhythms that we have and 2020 is looking grand. Until summer when the routine changes again. We’re going to make it work!
  • Mama & Littles // There’s 12 studies planned for 2020. From forgiveness to Pentecost to the characters of the nativity story. It’s going to be good.
  • Theology Thursday // Did you get the first email yesterday? Are you signed up to get them? There’s 52 topics planned for the year. Every Thursday, delivered straight to your inbox. If you’re not signed up yet, DO IT HERE!
  • Resources // I’ve spent some time creating some new resources for you! Color sheets, charts, memory verses, and more! Join the newsletter for those to be directly emailed to you!
  • Bible Study // There’s a project in the works and I cannot wait to complete it and have it available for you! So far it’s been amazing and the conversations with women that love and support me have been so encouraging.
Lacey Reads March 2019

It’s been a really sweet year for our family and lots of great things to look forward to in this year. I cannot wait to keep studying & learning more about God, His word, & His creation.

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