What Worked & What Didn’t in 2017

You might have heard me talk about PowerSheets before. I’ve posted about them on the blog and plenty of times on Instagram. I’ve used them for years! I think this might be my 5-6 set. LIFE.CHANGING!
One of my favorite parts is sitting down and figuring out what worked and what didn’t in the previous year and then go from there about setting new rhythms in life.

I have no shame in sharing my faults. Ok, I lie. I don’t want to sit here and tell you my failures, but there are some things that I know worked and I know didn’t. So here I go….

What Worked in 2017

  • Daily chores // I don’t want to spend a whole day cleaning my house. So I came up with a schedule that works for me and I do 1-2 things each day. The goal is to be done by 9am. Then I have the whole day to do what matters most.
  • Studying the Bible // I’ve heard a million ways to study and read the bible but none of them worked for me. There’s acronyms and other types, but I’m a nerd and I’m stubborn so I sort of needed to figure out what works for me. Well……..drum roll…..treating it like it’s a text book and STUDYING it. I’ve never been so excited to study anything and I can’t wait to continue this for the rest of my life.
  • The Rab Farm // Goodness we failed at a lot of growing this year, but my soul needed this. I never knew I would love spending hours watching things grow, planting tiny seeds, or being dirty. This completely shocked me and I’m so thankful for it all!
  • Using calendars // I love my Simplified Planner and I also made a ton of digital calendars. Meal plan, blog calendar, personal, etc. I can easily see those things on my computer or phone and I can transfer things from my paper calendar. It just makes me feel a little more organized to have a system.
  • Waking before the boys // This doesn’t always happen, but when it does the day is better. Hot coffee, actually eating breakfast, quiet time, work, exercise. The calm before the chaos.
  • Asking for help // I am horrible at asking for help. Sometimes I just run over people and do things just so they get done. I’m not trying to be rude, I just see a task and want to get it accomplished. [There’s a few apologies to be made now that I’ve discovered this about my strong-willed self]. But with 2 kids, a husband, life, etc. this year I had to ask for more help. The help might have been just me asking for the hubs to pick up dinner or help fold some clothes or something more like asking a friend to care for my dogs while out of town. These are all things that my control-freak-nature would never have done before.

What Didn’t Work in 2017

  • Not praying first // Life happens and we all go through things. It’s not my usual to just stop and talk to God about it. I might talk to myself or a friend first instead. That stops now.
  • Procrastination // Even with routines set, I still procrastinate. But it’s something I’ve been working on for a few years. It was better in 2017, but I’m going to keep working on it. It’s silly that sometimes I’ll see a task and want to get it done NOW but things like laundry or something little get pushed to the back burner.
  • Too much screen time // I love people, but I’m an introvert. I could spend so much time curled up under a blanket with books and a remote. There’s been plenty of reasons excuses I’ve made this year about why I shouldn’t get out of the house more. So we’re going to go and do things. We’re also going to just go outside more. That is hard with a small child that doesn’t walk and puts a lot of things in his mouth. Hopefully we overcome these obstacles in 2018!
  • Yelling at the kids // One of my goals is to be a grace-lavishing mother. I want to be a mom that exemplifies the fruit of the spirit. I have to make more effort to not lose my cool.
  • Enemy lies // They will always be there but that doesn’t mean I have to listen, acknowledge, or believe them.
  • Fake friends // It’s not a secret that I’ve gone through friendship trials in 2015, 2016, & 2017. And plenty of the previous years. I have tried my best to own up to my faults and poor behavior, I try to always grow from these trials. But sometimes that doesn’t fix things that you’ve already done. The mess ups aren’t easy to forget and sometimes they just aren’t meant to be. So this year I’m focusing on the friendships that are true and encouraging and loving and grace-giving and forgiving. I want godly friendships. I want to be able to mess up and still be loved. I want to be a friend that shows up and loves when times get hard. If nothing else ever changes, seasons with friendship changes have made me want to be a better friend.
  • Trying to prove myself // To who? I have no clue. But I’ve only got one person to prove anything to and that’s my Lord and Savior!  So the numbers don’t matter, nothing in this life is a popularity contest, and I’m not stressing about my earthly worth!
  • Laundry // It needs a schedule too. No more laundry mountains to conquer. Nope. 

If you’re following along with this week’s posts, you’ll notice it’s all about goals and this new year. 
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  • First of all, once again I’m amazed by much alike we are! I love hearing what worked and what didn’t. I’m all about planting a big garden this spring/summer and love your comments on it! I feel like a lot of our challenges are similar too. So excited to follow along and see what 2018 brings!