Word of the Year // 2020

Do you pick a word of the year? I’ve been using Cultivate What Matters Powersheets for years and the process of choosing a word is one I love.

Normally I have a word or saying along with scripture to focus on for the year. This year after a lot of praying and reading and defining of words God allowed me to take a nap and I woke up not knowing what day it was but I knew what my word was.

In 2019, I spent almost half of the year studying The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus’ words describing that call for believers to be salt and light might be one of my favorite parts of the bible. It’s an easy example of how we are to live our lives.

Season // Sure it’s a word to describe spring, summer, fall, and winter. And we know there’s a season for everything. But this year, 2020, I’m challenging myself to focus less on this just being a time for something to happen and to live a life that is a season.
Like salt is a type of season. It preserves. It causes people to thirst.

I want to live a life that causes people to thirst. For living water; for knowledge of God; for comprehension of His word.

Challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and live a life on fire for God.

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