5 Must Read Books for Spring

Spring is the best time of year. Don’t give me that thankful for October stuff, here in Louisiana it’s hot still and sweating isn’t always fun. Spring has sprung and my flowers are blooming, the garden is growing, the kids are playing outside, and I’m reading. Some of my all time favorite books are perfect inspiration for springtime. 

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I wanted to share and encourage these reads. They are all pretty easy reads and would be perfect while going on a short trip or sitting in the grass at the park. 

1. Cultivate by Lara Casey // I love that Lara is a gardener, as she calls herself an unlikely gardener. I can relate. Lara has a way of inspiring you to take risks, make plans, and still allow yourself grace because we can’t be perfect. This book is refreshing and inspiring. I’ve already read it twice and it’s currently my car book. Yes, I have books everywhere. 
2. Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson // Everyone should read this book. I first saw Val recommend it and then a few others. It’s pretty convicting and makes you evaluate your thoughts.
3. Awe by Paul David Tripp // This book is my jam! Seriously he talks about how we need to be in awe of everything God has done. To continue to look for God in all things. I almost underlined the whole book, but I refrained a little. It’s so good!
4. A Simplified Life by Emily Ley // This is a great addition and prep for some spring cleaning. It’s such an easy read, it’s beautiful and it’s inspiring to get stuff done. Emily also doesn’t encourage you to go buy a bunch of stuff to accomplish what she’s sharing about so that makes it even better! 
5. GraceLaced by Ruth Chou Simons // Ruth is a painter and lover of God. She makes these amazing images and she created this book/devotional. The book is broken down into seasons but all of it is awe-filled and inspiring. It’s a gorgeous book to have and read.

I hope these books give you inspiration and just a glimpse into what we can gain from spending some time looking at the creation!

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