Mama & Littles // He Cares for Me

No secret that May is a busy month, especially for moms. Celebrating you, celebrating other mamas, school, summer, and so much more. But please remember how much God cares and is in the little stuff too.

I’m excited to share this month’s Mama & Littles Bible Study. Two scriptures are in this one and I pray they lead to great conversations with your littles!


Draw // Using the packet following the drawing instructions on the pages provided.

Dance Party // Create a family dance party playlist and use it to celebrate an abundant life

Treasure Hunt // Have your kids hunt for “treasure”. Once they’ve found it have them share the “abundance” with each other.

Scripture Memory // Learn the scripture. Even if it’s just one verse.

Plant flowers // Plant some seeds and watch God do the work

Give // It’s easy for us to teach our kids about extra and abundance when we live it out. Let’s donate and give to food banks or your local Salvation Army.

Download in Resource Library



Jesus Storybook Bible // Our favorite children’s bible.

The Bible Project // Video explanation of 1 Peter

Holy Week // Bible Primer books. These are great reads, easy to understand, and beautifully illustrated.

Books for your Littles // A list of our favorite books!

  • Moms of the Bible

    There’s no lack of characters in the Bible and no matter how you see it, beyond Adam & Eve, they each had a mother. We sometimes struggle when we compare ourselves to people found in scripture. It’s hard because we forget that God uses ordinary people for His extraordinary purposes. We think we can’t possibly

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  • Escaping Catholicism

    **This is MY story. I’m not here to insult anyone’s faith. I’m not here to be negative. I’m here to share my story because this is a HUGE part of where I come from and how God is teaching me.** My parents are great, there’s no scandal there. My mom was Baptist, my dad Catholic.

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