Prayer Posture

We’re taught to bow our heads, maybe fold our hands. Some hold hands or raise them. Others kneel or sit. But does is one posture better than the other? Is one position valued more to God? We know that the last question was rhetorical, right?

In 2 Samuel 7:18, we read that King David sat before the Lord.
Jesus is quoted in Mark 11:25 that praying should be where they were standing.
Daniel is said to have knelt in Daniel 6:10.
Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane with his face on the ground (Matthew 26:39)
How about gathering and raising hands together? Because that’s what is written in 1 Timothy 2:8.

We see in scripture that people sit, stand, kneel, and more. For me, closing my eyes and bowing my head, allow me to block out some of the world’s distractions. I’m more likely to have a correct heart posture if I’m not checking out everyone’s clothes or second-guessing my shoe choice.

We should concern ourselves less with the position of our bodies and more with the position of our hearts.

Instead of worrying about if our hands are up or down, folded or held, our bodies are laying or standing…maybe we should focus on the things that God is most concerned with. The position of our hearts.

Then once our hearts are in the right position, we can praise God throughout our day. Our life becomes worship and our focus becomes His will. Our chatting to him flows through everything we do because we include Him in every part of our life. This leads to a life of prayer and worship. We begin to live a life of reverence as we become salt and light.

So whether we’re sitting or dancing, running while praying, we should do it for the Lord. Worship & prayer.

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