• Mama Makes Disciples

    For a while now I’ve wanted to dive deeper into studying with you. But there comes a point in the balance of free content vs paid content that most writers have to try to figure out. I’ve struggled. The free content isn’t going anywhere. I’m actually writing more than ever and loving every minute of

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  • Biblical Romance

    There’s plenty of ways that people see the Bible. Some like a history book, others as individual stories, and some people think it’s complete fiction. If you know me, you know I believe it’s a big story. ONE story. But in the pages live stories of ordinary people living out amazing things because God is

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  • January Fav Finds

    Getting back on sharing about the things that I’ve found and loved. Books, gadgets, toys, things that make our life easier. But I promise I’m not sharing crazy things that are just outrageous and expensive. This mama likes a budget. AFFILIATE LINKS USED. FIND THE FULL DISCLOSURE HERE. IF YOU BUY THROUGH THESE LINKS, KNOW WE’RE

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