5 Plants to Grow with your Kids

Gardening with kids is super fun, but doesn’t come without challenges. I don’t know how many fruits and vegetables have been picked before they were ripe or how many stems were broken or how many plants were just completely killed off. It’s very frustrating, and I’m thinking about buying a kids wagons to distract them from destroying fruit and vegetable plants not yet ripe or fully grown. I know it’s just an element of excitement that leads to them unintentionally ruining the plants, but with the wagon, the kids will feel like they have a responsibility in gardening of pulling and transporting fresh fruit and veg. However, with two little boys, I’ve discovered that their interest in plants is a great learning opportunity. 

I often get the question “what should we grow?” So here’s my suggestions on 5 plants that you can easily grow with kids.

  1. Blueberries // Find the correct species for your zone and get 2 bushes. They are low maintenance and produce yummy little berries. Once there is fruit on the branches it’s a great lesson of waiting and watching until they are ready to pick. Every day we ask what color the berries are and until they are blue, no picking happens. Once they are ready, lots of picking but mostly snacking occurs. 
  2. Green Onions // Seriously the easiest thing to grow. Get some from the store, use them, place the bulb in a jar of water. When it begins to grow again, plant it in the ground. 
  3. Bulb flowers // Tulips. Daffodils. Hyacinths. // Seriously, dig a hole, put the bulb in, cover it up, and wait on the beautiful surprise.
  4. Zinnias // They are pretty little colorful flowers for spring and summer. Easy to cut and bring in your home. Easy to maintain. Sow the seeds and wait.
  5. Cherry Tomatoes // Tomatoes aren’t always “easy” to grow. But cherry tomatoes are easier, at least for us. They also give way for the green to red ripen lesson and are an easy fruit for kids to pick and eat. 

I can’t wait to see/hear what you decide to grow with your family. It’s fun and such a great learning experience for everyone! And if you see those bees pollinating the flowers and berries, there’s a great window to discuss honey and pollination process. 

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