How We Stopped Surviving Summer // Keri Lynn Snyder

Keri is sharing today and I’m so excited for her perspective on mothering during the summer. Hopefully you gain some knowledge on how to thrive!


A few summers ago, I was struggling. I wanted so badly to enjoy the season we all look forward to, but I felt overwhelmed. The heat didn’t help. If only I’d called apex heating and cooling at the time for some proper air conditioning. How could I enjoy the pool with three little ones? How did trying to be fun and make slime turn into a complete kitchen clean up and bath for the kids? I would scroll through my Facebook feed seeing all of the “perfect” summer moments happening and feel as if I was failing as a mom.

In efforts to create a purposeful summer, I decided we would do all of the things. I turned into a camp counselor instead of a mom, constantly creating moment after moment of entertainment. Eventually it wore me out, leaving me feeling empty and drained. I had entered into survival mode, counting down the days until school would begin again.

When I talked to other moms, they smiled and told me to push through, just a few more weeks and then school begins. I tried to laugh and join in but deep down I knew there had to be more. Motherhood could not simply be survived season after season.

We pushed through that summer, and life went on, but in the back of my mind I was thinking about the next summer coming in just nine months. I knew there had to be a way to enjoy summer with my kids and not just survive it.

As the next summer inched forward, I started to implement some mindset changes.  

  • Instead of turning into a camp counselor mom where we barely, sat down I realized we had to do less.
  • Instead of scrolling social media looking at everyone else’s summers with envy and comparison, I knew I had to choose to be present.
  • Instead of trying to cultivate perfect moments, I had to embrace the imperfect.

Entering into the summer of 2017, I reminded myself of these three mindsets: Do Less, Be Present, Embrace the Imperfect, and something incredible happened. I found myself loving summer. Instead of doing activity after activity, we would do one fun activity a day. I was capturing the memories of our summer on my phone rather than consuming everyone else’s summer, and when I was looking at other’s pictures, I was cheering them on. My focus turned from chasing perfection, to seeing the beauty in our imperfect moments.

Looking back it seems so simple and basic, but it turned summer survival into a summer of thriving.

Moms, I am not telling you to do these three things, because what you need to do may be a little different than me. But I am telling you that you do not have to survive summer. You can enjoy and savor the days of summer. We do not have to believe the lie that motherhood is something you survive.

Today, we are kicking off our first week of summer. I am reminding myself of the three things: Do less, be present, embrace the imperfect. I am reminding myself that there will be chaos and mess but we can still thrive in the midst of those things.

Friend, today I encourage you to take the step forward to thrive this summer. You do not have live stuck in a survival mode motherhood. You can choose a different way and I promise you, it is worth it! If you need a list of simple and fun activities to have on hand for the summer, I have put together an 11 week plan of insanely simple and fun activities for free just for you. Grab your free copy here. 

Keri lives in Charleston SC with her husband and three kids. She is passionate about finding beauty in the chaos of every day life. Through her blog and Instagram, she equips and inspires moms to thrive. 

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