March Book Reviews // Lacey Reads

If you don’t know, I love books. I love to read and I really like to read an actual paper book. I’m just not crazy about the screen and I love the feel of the paper book in my hand. It’s just nice. 

This month I’ve finished some books and started more and I’m going to review the top ones. If you’re interested in keeping up with my reading you should join GoodReads and follow me!

  1. Love Lives Here – Maria Goff is also known as Sweet Maria. Her husband Bob wrote Love Does and they now should write a book together! This book is perfect for wives who feel their work is at home. Love her conversation style writing also.
  2. A Wife’s Secret to Happiness – I was asked to be on her launch team and was honored to read her book. She talks about biblical marriage in this modern world. She’s witty and funny but knowledgeable. Great book!
  3. Grace Not Perfection – First of all, the book has a gorgeous cover, beautiful color pictures, and paper that is the quality of expensive textbooks. Love! Plus Emily, is just great. I’ve started this book before but finally finished it. 
  4. Hope for the Weary Mom – Not finished yet, but enjoying this book. Brooke wrote Praying for Boys which is one of my favorites so I’m excited to learn more from her.
  5. Everyday Hope – I have started this devotional and I’m super pumped to continue. It’s the 15 minutes a day part that I’m excited about. 
  6. None Like Him – Jen Wilkin is my new favorite person. Her book is beautifully written and is a must read for anyone. The explanations of God’s characteristics are simple enough for anyone to understand. The book is easily broken down into small chapters so you can read it piece by piece without stress. 

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