Outfit Inspiration for Your Family Photos

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We all know that fall is a relative term. Does Louisiana actually have a fall? But I do know that a little bit of cool weather, pumpkins, and football trigger the thoughts of family photos. So whether you have a session with me or another amazing photographer, let’s chat about some clothing options. 

A lot of people would tell you to stick to neutrals, don’t wear patterns, and match. Let’s change that! How about stick to colors you like, wear what’s comfortable, and coordinate. Doesn’t that sound easier when planning your wardrobe?

Dress // Boy’s Outfit // Girl’s Dress // Men’s Shirt // Men’s Pants

When deciding on your color “scheme” I want you to think about what colors you’d like hanging on your walls. Because the point is to print these images! So, do you like blues? Soft neutrals? Black and white? From there, I say pick mom’s outfit first. You’re going to be the hardest to decide and the most critical on yourself. Your outfit should make you feel confident and be comfortable enough to chase kids in! Dad is probably the easiest to dress. Pants + shirt. He probably already has something in his closet that works. Then the kids are just fun! 

Dress // Girl’s Dress // Girl’s Dress // Boy’s Shirt // Boy’s Pants // Men’s Shirt // Men’s Pants

Dress // Boy’s Outfit // Girl’s Dress // Men’s Shirt // Men’s Pants

When deciding on your outfit, talk to your photographer, think about your location, and don’t forget to have fun! Family photo sessions get a bad rap, but they can be fun and memorable. Plus you’re already dressed up, go out to dinner! For more ideas, scroll through the galleries below.

Adults // What to Wear

Kids // What to Wear

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