The Rab Farm // Spring Garden 2018

Spring is here y’all! Praise the Lord!


We did things a little better this year. Tested our soil, amended it according to the needs for the crops we’re growing, and used better timing on our seed starting.

Seeds have been planted and are already transplanted into cups in the “salad bar”. There’s A LOT of tomato plants! Now comes some more waiting until they get into the ground. Then some more waiting until those beautiful red gifts start showing up! 

Along with all of the veggies, there’s more than just tomatoes, the flowers are starting to bloom. I planted bulbs in November and they’re emerging. Bulb advice….get some cheap bulbs on clearance before Christmas decorations are out in stores, plant them, and totally forget what you planted. Then the spring surprises keep coming. So far we’ve had paperwhites, hyacinths, and tulips. There’s more planted and I cannot wait to see what else blooms!

The herb garden is growing too! Using herbs as landscaping is the plan. The front of our home was super overgrown when we bought it. Now it’s cleared out and we added some edging to everything this weekend. Flowers blooming, herbs growing, AND the chickens are laying in full force. We’re getting about 20 eggs a day and it’s wonderful!

What are you growing?

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