Winter at The Rab Farm

We had high hopes for the garden this winter. To say that we failed miserably would also be fair.  I guess if you consider the knowledge gained, it’s not a total failure, but this winter has been rough. In my 30 years of life I’ve never seen snow here like we got this year. Plus it stayed for 3-4 days. And then the whole 1 inch of snow that melted and turned to icemagedon. Our weather has been crazy so that didn’t help. Plus a million other variables and we didn’t do so well. 

First up, let’s talk about these pumpkins. My goal was 4 pumpkins for us to carve, even if they were small. We planted 2 rows and 4 types of pumpkins. Harvest was those 2 tiny pumpkins. 

Lesson // Plant earlier. Bee the bees (we have to pollinate them). Plant earlier.

Next up. This is my cauliflower. There were 8 beautiful thriving plants, even after the first snow. But the freeze last week I think has finished them off. 


I won’t lie, I’ve eaten a few salads. But the snow ruined the chance for more. That middle lettuce is Mizuna, it was pretty easy to grow; is cut and come again, but the snow! Also it’s a little on the bitter side so it’s not really great to eat alone. Mixed into a salad is great though! Carrots are a bust. They are still growing because I’m determined to at least eat one!

Second time in snowed this winter here. And technically the pictures should be switched because the snow melted that afternoon. 

At first the chickens were struggling this winter. Molting started and eggs decreased. As in 3 eggs a day with 25 chickens. We had a little talk, I adjusted their food, the molting ended, and we’re back to about 20 eggs a day. When it was below 20 outside we added a heat lamp and one day we got 24 eggs, with the broody hen sitting on most of them and 4 eggs were frozen.

Told you…FROZEN!


Anyway, we’re back to regular egg numbers and I’m back to trying to sell or figure out how to use them all. What’s your favorite egg dish?? I need all the ideas. And if you need some eggs, let me know!

I constantly see pictures of people looking so nice while they garden and farm. Y’all I’m pretty sure I look like a bum most of the time. When I run to feed chickens before or after church I look decent and maybe if I’m going some where but mostly, I’m in sweats or pajamas. 

Now I’m going to share some successes since they were few and far between. Green onions/chives….we’re rocking those. Perfect combination for eggs and my kids love to plant them and then harvest them. Lemon balm had a tough month but it’s growing back wonderfully. The lavender turned gray during the snow but I’m chatting with a lavender farmer about what to do! More herbs went into the ground and some pots last week. We now have lavender, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, cilantro, and more chives.

I hit up the bulb clearance at WalMart in November and little did I know that 2 months later Paperwhites would be blooming. So exciting to have fresh flowers in the house but these are very fragrant! I’ve been keeping them in the laundry room. 

Preparing for Spring….

  1. Planning // Sketching and dreaming have happened. Then coming back down to reality.
  2. Seeds // Seeds and a few plants have been ordered.
  3. Amending soil // We tested 3 different areas in our yard and results came back this week. Now we just need to add some things to correct levels.
  4. Prep seed starting 
  5. Plant seeds

I never thought I’d be so excited to try again. A fresh new slate and new seeds and ready to hopefully have a better harvest! What are you planting this year?


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