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Hello Mamas!

I’m so excited to be sharing this. I’ve been digging into the word daily, even with kids. Since I’ve shared this I frequently get ask how I do it. There are a lot of times that I study when they are napping or playing outside with J, but our reality is that we’re together and sometimes “quiet time” isn’t possible. That led to me including them. Whatever I’m learning about, I want to share with them. I hope that they have all this biblical knowledge way before they’re 30. 

I want them to see this as part of our everyday. That talking about how God creates and blesses and gives grace is every second of every single day. But me just reading my bible or talking about what I read isn’t really interesting to a couple of young boys. So I have to me more intentional. And I want you to do the same and I’m praying that these little ideas and things can help encourage you to dig in and learn with your littles. 

So here it is, the first little Mama & Littles Bible Study. This idea is ever growing and evolving; and I pray that you love it!

Giving myself grace because I feel like I had so much to share but also realized that this is the first. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself or you. This little PDF includes a memory verse card for you and one for your littles, color sheets, fish printable for a game, and notes on the scripture you’ll read. The bottom of this post includes a list of links for ideas and tons of resources you might need – include the Jesus Storybook Bible story to go with your scripture, Veggietale music, and a Pinterest board filled with ideas. 

Through this study, you can learn but have fun and spend quality time storing God’s word in your heart and mind. I hope this blesses you and I can’t wait for feedback (hopefully good) and to create more. 


Mama & Littles Bible Study / Lacey Rabalais / Study the bible along with your littles


Color sheet fish + pipe cleaners // Have littles color fish. You cut them out, punch a hole, and lace a pipe cleaner through the hole like it’s a hook. Bend another pipe cleaner to use as a fishing pole and try to “catch” the fish. You can use letters and/or numbers to have them catch certain things also. 

Color sheet // Coloring with the option to learn tracing letters of the memory verse.

Mama & Littles Bible Study / Lacey Rabalais / Study the bible along with your littles



Bible (or way to look up the scripture)
Jesus Storybook Bible – Let’s Go page 208
Let’s Go Fishing Game
Paper Plates
Construction Paper
Watercolor Paints
Pipe Cleaners
Edible Eyes
Veggietales Fishers of Men: Peter, James, & John In a Sailboat

Additional Resources

Fishers of Men Pinterest Idea Board

Download in Resource Library


If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it. Any requests for a specific scripture to study with your kids? I’d also love to know what you’d like to learn about!!

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