How The Gospel Changes Homemaking

It was early, they should both have still been napping. But there they were, both up, early. And there I was annoyed and frustrated. Then the dreaded text came. “I’m going to be a little late tonight.” And there I was again, annoyed and frustrated. When he finally got home and everyone was together, I noticed it. Everyone was annoyed and frustrated. My attitude single handedly brought down our home’s atmosphere. This wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last.

If you had asked me in high school, college, or even 6 years ago what I thought about homemaking I would probably have made some rude/bitter comment. Because of my ignorance to what homemaking truly is and how I firmly believe it’s part of my calling. Homemaking is defined as “the creation and management of a home, especially as a pleasant place in which to live”. So this just means that I’m supposed to manage the home and make it pleasant for us to live? Ooooh ok. This isn’t some derogatory women’s issue. And of course that’s what my naive self was initially thinking. But once I read the definition, I actually really liked the term. 

Homemaking isn’t to say that your home needs to look like it’s fresh off the pages of Southern Living or Real Simple. Pleasant place in which to live. 

I’d be a fool to think that I’m just going to make myself never have a bad attitude. That’s not reality. But I’ll be damned if I don’t keep fighting to try to prevent crushing the atmosphere of my home and family.


“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Paul always seems to know how to have a little mic drop and truly get your soul. Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in all circumstance. BECAUSE THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD FOR ME? So now what am I going to argue with that? One verse, got me. Jesus came here to serve the world. He saved us. He also commanded us to love one another. So with this command and knowing that I’m the caretaker and helper for my family and husband I know I’m called to love and serve my family through homemaking. And now here I am, making sticky notes and print outs for me to stick in all the places I get annoyed and frustrated. 

God’s plan specifically accounted for my journey as a wife and mom. My calling to love and serve and care for this bunch. To care for the home we’ve been blessed with and the people in our lives. It would be wrong for me to look at any of this as a burden. Yes, I’ll be honest and say that sometimes things are inconvenient and I don’t want to wake up at 2am to wipe anyone’s butt. But this is the life I’ve been gifted so I need to steward it well. I need to attempt to hush my whining and be a spirit filled woman. 

My home doesn’t need to be spotless and perfect. (Thank goodness because I just saw a clump of my+dog hair roll down the hall)
My kids don’t need to be perfectly matching and monogrammed. 

None of that is realistic and like I shared HERE when I have realistic expectations my anxiety and therefore attitude are better in control. How we respond to each situation says more about God and our beliefs than any outward appearance our home and we have. I will still attempt to manage the chaos of hair, toys, groceries, and our home but my heart work is important and is changing how I approach this work. 

Homemaking is kingdom work. Kingdom work is done here. 

Where is kingdom work being done? In the kitchen, the laundry room, when I’m cleaning the toilet, rocking a baby, and making our home a pleasant place to live. Because if we can all feel like our home is pleasant, then we can come here to relax and refuel to do kingdom work outside of the home.

Yes, the gospel changed my view of homemaking, but it mostly changed my heart about my calling for homemaking and serving my family. 

God doesn’t care if the baseboards are clean. He doesn’t care if the laundry is perfectly folded. He’s concerned with our hearts for one another. I’ll continue to work to tidy our home, which does help make it more pleasant for all of us, but my focus will primarily be on the care of those that live in the home. Homemaking isn’t easy, nor lowly work. Homemaking is biblical and a gift.

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