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So Halloween has never been my favorite, but having children has made things a little different. Recently I read someone post about why Christians celebrate a day to let in evil spirits, and I just felt weird about that comment. Yes, we’re Christians and yes we’re having fun for Halloween. As you can see, our decorations aren’t filled with anything too crazy. Simple decor mostly because it’s easier to set up and take down. This isn’t Christmas! Also, I have to be realistic and know that there’s two little kiddos in the house.

But here’s what we’ve done. We went with the bats again this year! They are easy and fun. And then check out the ideas for more decoration below. P.S. If you add all the things to your carts, when they go on sale, they’re already in there and you can catch that faster than searching again. Ya know, for next year.

Also real life….those ball pit balls under the table! Hey! 

The porch is a work in progress. But the mums have been deadheaded and I cannot wait until they bloom again. Our pumpkins haven’t grown as we wished so some store bought ones will do for now, until about Christmas when our pumpkins will be bigger. Haha. Kidding, kinda.

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