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It’s not that the bathroom was horrible before but it wasn’t functioning well for us. The pedestal sink was enough to drive me insane. I used to look at it with disgust, praying for the day where I could remove it! So I decided that I was going to take this small project on. The first thing to go was the sink and I immediately felt better about it. I was hoping to do it myself but I was too afraid of damaging the plumbing work beneath it so someone from Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating came to replace it instead. Don’t you think it looks better? Everything else was done by us. I started painting in this lovely shade of blueish-grey but eventually, my husband just took over painting because he’s way better at it than me and because of kids. We finished the painting, moved one of the paintings, used kitchen and bathroom silicone for protection against the mildew that the bathroom is prone to, then we were finished! Told you it was a small project. It’s also the most difficult room to take pictures of because it’s narrow but with this new decor, it feels so much bigger. Now it’s a little nicer and working well for our family. You can see the inspiration post HERE and I think the end product is pretty close to what we’d hoped for.

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This is the boys’ bathroom but serves for guests also. So there’s a giant closet with towels and all the things but hooks and shelves were needed also. It’s now fully functional and although minor changes, it makes our lives so much easier! I don’t know why we waited so long before making these changes, I really wish we had done them sooner.


And after….

Shelves // DIY Boards with Brackets

Bath Towel Holder // Sign + Cleat

Glass Jug
Plant // Aloe Vera in painted terracotta pot
Candle Holder // Pottery Barn years ago
Head Massager
Basket // Target Dollar Spot will with washcloths

Red Wall Hooks
Anchor Wall Hooks // Gifts that we spray painted
Receptacle with Nightlight // Amazing little invention. It’s automatically turns on and is bright enough for a kid to go to the bathroom without help!

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