Affiliate Links & How to Support Your Blogger Friends

We all have our favorite bloggers and social media people. I’m sure you personally have friends that are in the mix also. So today I just wanted to take a minute to help you understand their world and explain how YOU can help and support them, even when you don’t totally understand them.

Affiliate Links

You’ve heard it. You see it. It’s not a dirty word. But why is everyone so fearful of it? So what is it? An affiliate link is a specific link that contains the affiliate (generally a blogger/person/advertiser). Companies track the ids/links to allow the affiliate to earn payment for advertising. The cost comes from the company and not from the consumer. Most of the time the affiliate links individually generate a small amount, but influencers use this as additional income as the amounts can add up easily.

How To Support Your Blogger Friends

  • Use their affiliate links // Bloggers take the time to link things that they love and think you might love. This is effort and they are truly trying to help. If you’re going to purchase something, see if there’s a link you can use. Click those links. Everything helps,
  • Social Media // Follow them. Like their pictures. Comment. Share.  Obviously no one wants you to be disingenuous but interaction in important for their content and work. Engagement is more important than anything.
  • Be supportive // Encouragement. Emails. Texts. Pictures. ASK THEM. Just ask how you can be supportive.

Bloggers aren’t out to do anything but help you and support their families. It’s a fun little hobby that can turn into a wonderful job. By encouraging and supporting them, you’re being such a help. I say this from the bottom of my heart because when I see people use things I’ve created or use links that I’ve shared of products I love I get so excited.

How to Support Blogger Friends & What Is An Affiliate Link

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