Homemaking // Clean & Tidy Weekly Routine

Our home is far from mess-free. FAR FROM IT! If you walked around, you’d see baskets of clothes to put away, dog hair on things, a missing bathroom mirror, and I bet there are random Lego pieces and trucks somewhere. 

To cope with all of this, I stick to our little routine which allows for life to happen without the house falling apart. What works for us is that I clean something small each day. I’m not spending the whole day cleaning the whole house only to have it destroyed with fifteen minutes of my family living here. I know, I was being generous with that 15 minutes. We could all ruin it in a couple of minutes.

After quitting my life-sucking shift-work full-time job, I remember having to fill out papers for something and when I came to the occupation section, a homemaker was an option. Honestly, my first thought was an embarrassment. It sounded so demeaning to me. WHY? The hardest working woman I know is my mom and she’s had a few different jobs throughout my life but she’s the best homemaker there is and I want to be like her! Once we look at the definition of what homemaking is, the picture changes. Managing a home to make it a pleasant place to live? I think that is probably one of the most important jobs ever. As a homemaker, I have the ability to create an environment to make my husband feel relaxed after a stressful day of work, my children to feel loved and safe, and any visitors to feel welcome. Y’all…that’s a BIG DEAL! If for one second you doubted that being a homemaker (no matter what you’re job title is), do not doubt how important you are.

Now after you realized how important your title of a homemaker is, you then have to figure out how to best enjoy the work. There’s no way to really enjoy cleaning toilets in my opinion. If you do, I’ve got 2 toilets if you’re ever bored. But the mindset of doing important work and creating an environment that is a pleasant place to live can truly change at how you look at the mundane work.

The other thing I had to realize was that I had to break it down into pieces. My goal every day is to have my major chore for the day done before 9am. Am I crazy? Yes, I know that. But I also know that I have energy and coffee is working in the morning so I can quickly do my work while the kids play and everyone is happy.

I often remind myself that I know I’m called to be here, in this home, with my husband and kids and chickens and flowers. I know I’m called to do a lot and this right here is KINGDOM WORK. Sometimes that feels cheesy to say or like I’m psyching myself up to accomplish what I need to do. BUT.THIS.IS.KINGDOM.WORK.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a lover of words and reading a quote by Louisa May Alcott recently was very convicting. “The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” If this isn’t a wonderful reminder to enjoy and be proud of the job of being a homemaker, I don’t know what to so. It’s never easy and I complain far too much about the growing to-do list, but I’m so thankful to live this little simple life. Working hard to be a graceful homemaker in our little home.

I want you to also figure out your routine and rhythms so you can easily find the joy in the mundane to make home happy and life lovely! Doesn’t that just sound life-giving? For both you and the people that live with you or come into your home!

Happy Home + Lovely Life = Winning!

So how do I break it down?? Simple things each day. It started by looking at our weekly routines. I like to get the bulk done at the beginning of the week, but I didn’t want to overload myself on Monday because I knew that weekend catching up would happen.

If you have a cleaning routine, I want to know how you do it! Any tips and tricks?!? Help me make this even easier.

Here’s a few of my favorite helpful tools too. Affiliate links used for your convenience and to help this mama out!

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  • Live your weekly cleaning routine. I’m off work on maternity leave for the next year and now that I’m a mum of two I want to be more organised and this helps. Thanks for sharing x