Holiday // Easy Last Minute Gifts

Ok everyone. We’re down to the last minute. Christmas is in 4 days. We all know there’s probably one person on your list that you forgot and I’m here to tell you you’ll be ok!

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The easiest thing to do is going to be a gift card or subscription. I mean you can give them a digital gift card and you can do that on the way to dinner. 

Suggestions for Subscriptions & Gift Cards

  • Eat Real With Me // Get 25% off. This meal plan is so easy to use. You eat healthy foods and she gives you the grocery lists. If you’re lucky enough to live where InstaCart services, it’s even easier! We’ve tried so many new dinners because her recipes are fresh and so different and also very easy!
  • Target // Who doesn’t love a nice Target gift card?
  • Starbucks // Everyone loves coffee or tea or something!
  • Amazon // How easy! 
  • Emily Ley Digital Gift Card // This is a great gift for a woman who you love but don’t know exactly which thing she wants.

Suggestion for Quick & Easy DIY Gifts

  • Edibles // Make some cookies, tie a ribbon around them, enjoy! You can use jars too. Below I have jars with dipped pretzels and homemade honey butter. 
  • Potted plant // Seriously easy. Pot is less than $1 and the succulents are probably clearance priced right now. If you search well you can even find a plant that is actually multiple to stretch your gift further. Tie a ribbon or glue one on the pot. 

Good luck if you have to brave the stores, the parking lots, and all the carts that people decide not to return. Merry Christmas!!!!

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