Be A Homemaker, Even As A Guest

T’is the season for homemaking. T’is the season for either having guests over or being a guest in someone else’s home. If you’ve been around here at all you might have noticed that homemaking is a thing. I’ve written a guide for Hopeful Homemaking along with posts about Homemaking and How the Gospel Changes Homemaking. There’s not a lot to being a successful homemaker. It’s just working to make the home a pleasant place for everyone. And this is something that we can do in our own home or as a guest.

It’s important that we don’t just arrive at a host’s home and expect to be served. Even though the host is probably trying to do it all and serving others, we can still contribute to their work load and give them some space to breathe, enjoy, and be grateful. It’s easy for a host to get burnt out or even bitter by the end of an event. Let’s all work together to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

How we can be homemakers as guests?

Feel Welcome // I know it’s hard to walk into someone’s home and not feel somewhat awkward or in the way. But the truth is, someone opened their home and invited you in. Let the lies of whatever (not liked or always included) melt away. It’s not worth it. Enjoy your time.

Contribute // I was raised in the “don’t-go-anywhere-empty-handed” motto. Before arriving, ask how you can help. What dish or drink could you bring? Paper products? Plastic utensils have really stepped up their game and still look beautiful without having the joys of dishes. If you have some of those hard-headed people hosting who don’t want to ask for help, figure out how you can serve them. Because they are currently probably running around stressed out. If you don’t know what to bring but there will be leftovers….grab a stack of go boxes and bring those so your host doesn’t have to hand out all their containers!

Shoes // Notice if they have shoes by the door, if they have a pile or the evidence of one, take your shoes off without complaint or comment.

Manners // For the love of everything, don’t smack on your food. Have table manners and be part of the conversation.

Clean Up // This is a tricky one. Some people (like me) would rather clean once everyone leaves so it can be done the “correct” way. If your host is saying they don’t want you to clean there are still ways to help. Pack up food, take out the trash, fold the living room blankets. Kids love being included and this is a great opportunity for that! Have them clear the table and serve dessert or coffee.

Be Grateful // What a joy hosting is, but what a joy not having to clean is also. Be considerate, grateful, and all the things that someone opened their home. Compliment them on their efforts and brag about something extra that you noticed.

Enjoy & Be Grateful

Homemaking is helping all feel comfortable and contributing to a great environment. It’s a great opportunity to work together to love and serve each other. As easy as it is to let a host serve us, we should make sure we go out of our way to serve them also.



Be a Homemaker, Even As A Guest

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