Summer Rhythms & Adventures

Not sure about for you, but it seems as if I claim things are “adventures” instead of errands my children think things are cooler. So I’m going with that and claiming that this summer will be filled with adventures. Our kids are still young so most things fall in the category of new. 

Mama, I don’t know what you’ve got planned this summer but I do know that summer is here. If not for you yet, it’s coming. Personally, my core wants to plan everyday out, but with a 2 & 4 year old I’m going to be realistic and know that would be a little silly. I’m working on rhythms instead of routines already, so why not start this summer. I also have no idea why my children who don’t go to school seem to behave differently in the summer. Do they sense the change for everyone? 

Any who, I love a good list so I put some ideas together and of course I’m sharing. If you’d like to see what we did previously, check out my previous Summer Toddler Activities post. This summer we’re taking it slower. Not stressing about doing all the things and activities. Just savoring this time and making fun memories. Don’t worry, there will still be learning! But mama will not be remembered as the crazy mama rushing through every summer. 

New Summer rhythms include dinners outdoors, food trays/charcuterie board lunches, gardening, reading, imagination, coffee on the porch, family quiet times, exploring, being bored, and so much more. Head to the bottom of the post for all the resources!

Here’s the adventure “plan” for this summer. I hope it’s helpful!

Download the 4 page Summer Adventures PDF



Summer Adventure Ideas:
Pinterest has tons of ideas. Follow along and see MY SUMMER BOARD 

Book List: 
Crabby Crab // How Does My Garden Grow? // The Summer Solstice // And Then Comes Summer // Mosquito Bite // The Longest Day // Summer Days and Nights // It’s a Firefly Night // George Washington’s Teeth // Grace for President // ABC USA // Wow ! America! // America: My Land, Your Land, Our Land // What Presidents Are Made Of // How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A. // The Little President 

Anatomy & Nature Learning:
If there was ever a book that I could recommend for families of small children, this set would be it. You can purchase as a set or individually. We love them. They are beautiful and simple to teach children (and adults) wonderful things about the world around us. 

The Julia Rothman Collection // Farm AnatomyNature AnatomyFood Anatomy



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