Guarantee // Bible Study

A bible study! Finally….Guarantee.

Guarantee // 43 Prophecies One Fulfillment // Bible Study

How? Why? I know you might think I’m totally crazy, I mean I do! If I’m honest, I’m scared but more than that I’m excited. Excited to be done with it. Excited that there’s a chance this makes it’s way into hands that need to see how Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophecies. Because that’s what the study is.

Guarantee Bible Study

What is Guarantee About?

It’s a map. Arrows to help out. Highlighting prophecies and pointing you to the fulfillment. This is one of the most interesting things I’ve studied and I’m glad I’m sharing. There’s 43 prophecies explored and you’ll get to read the prophecy and the fulfillment. I’ve included notes and information that will help you, plus space for all your own notes.

Spoiler alert…the verses are not written out in the study. You get to do some work. Maybe even a lot of work. I went back and forth on this. And it was convicting but if I want to encourage you to spend time in the word then I cannot give you a crutch or an excuse to not do it.

Guarantee Bible Study


How Do You Get the Study?

Click up on the menu and click SHOP. Then Bible Study. Super easy. Readers can purchase the study and then immediately download the file.

Thank You

So thankful for the people who’ve encouraged me and cheered me on throughout this. Thankful for the ones who’ve helped me and answered questions and all of the things. I’ve always loved learning and this year I’ve really dug into the Bible and classes and I’m such a theology bible nerd now.

Giveaway // There’s a GIVEAWAY on Instagram. You can win a printed copy of the study, along with a Journaling Bible & Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin.

Guarantee // Bible Study // 43 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

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  • Now this is a unique study right here!!! This is so absolutely creative and needed for so many!!! That is what the word of God is all about, pointing to our redeemer,,, My favorite part is cross references of prophecies of the messiah or quotes in the NT that revert to the Psalms, etc… I just finished a study of the prophets, and we are about to start the NT, but I really didn’t stay committed, for reason I should not have put ahead of it…. I would buy your book in a hearbeat if I had any money… I literally am broke, for real…But I will definitely share it and check out your blog and resources… Many, this is awesome! Even the design you have is great, and I love how you numbered them out, b/c the prophets can be so confusing and all over the place… Great idea!