Swedish Bacon Pancake

I remember visiting their home when I was a kid. She had these red and blue glass birds along this window ledge right behind the couch. Other than that, my only memories of my great-grandmother involve visiting her at an assisted-living home. She had suffered a stroke. I don’t even know if I really remember visiting or if I can just picture the pictures we have with grandkids piled in her lap. I do however remember visiting my great-grandfather, Poppy. He decided to move to the same home, just in a different area, so he could be close to her. LOVE & devotion!!! He couldn’t hear well, but we still chatted. He taught me sign language and gave me a curiosity for the Rubik’s cube.  

I never got to really experience her cooking, but I’m told that my great-grandmother was one amazing baker. When it came time to her recipes, somehow my mom got them and I’m totally ok with that because this weekend a recipe she titled “Bacon Pancakes – Swedish” was discovered. 

Y’all. This is no ordinary recipe. My mom found it written on an old index card in my great grandmother’s recipe box. Curious, I decided to try it. Well it was delicious and really easy, but the first time I rushed and didn’t follow the instructions exactly and I discovered there was a reason it wasn’t as perfect as it could be. I even searched Pinterest but couldn’t find a similar recipe. And the world needs this recipe.

[yumprint-recipe id=’7′] 

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