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Summer is technically not really different for us. My kids aren’t in school and we pretty much have the same routine. But that’s not stopping me from enjoying summer. I previously shared about our Summer Rhythms & Adventures but I wanted to share a little more about what we’re learning and what we’re using for those activities. *Note, please don’t be overwhelmed with the number of books I have here. We’ve been given most of these over the years and collected them mostly with sales. You do not need these.*


Cornerstones: 200 Questions and Answers to Learn Truth

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Jesus Calling for Kids

Psalms of Praise

First Bible Basics

The Julia Rothman Collection : Farm Anatomy, Food Anatomy, Nature Anatomy

How We’re Using These

This might seem like a lot. But we’re not doing this all at once or all in one day. Also, there is a BIG difference in learning and understanding for a 2 year old and 4 year old. I do not want to hold the older one back, but I also want to make sure that the younger one gets important lessons for himself. And N still gets things out of the younger lessons. The Bible Basics and Psalms of Praise are great basic books. One encourages counting and learning bible facts while doing so (4 gospels, 9 fruits of the spirit, 10 commandments) while the praise book encourages movements (kneel, clap, dance) with scriptures to teach why we do those things as worship!

Cornerstones is fabulous. It is a simple question and answer. I’ve learned a lot already. We always think that there’s such a fancy description for answers to these questions but this book breaks it down easily. N is into asking why so the Indescribable book is helping us deal with these questions with biblical wisdom.
This is my favorite addition. The Julia Rothman collection is my favorite set of books for our family and we’re enjoying learning from them. I cannot wait to teach my children the anatomy of so many things. We’ve already worked on some of them as we’ve grown vegetables but I’m excited to see the kids draw and paint what we’re learning.
This isn’t perfect. I just smashed the book into my printer/copier and made a copy. It wasn’t perfect so I cut off the edges that were just blank and the kids have already enjoyed looking at them. Yes, the pages are in the books, but with two boys and paint, I’d prefer if they didn’t accidentally ruin the books. 

Anatomy we plan to learn…

  • Corn 
  • Tomato
  • Bee
  • Crawfish
  • Types of peppers
  • Chickens

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